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Getting your license:

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  • Occupational License
    • What is an occupational license, and how do I know if I need one? Anyone conducting business anywhere in Palm Beach County is required to purchase an occupation license from the Tax Collector. This includes home-based businesses as well as businesses operating from a commercial location. Obtaining the license depends on the type of business. You should call the Occupational License office at 561-355-2272. Fees vary depending upon the number of employees, rooms, seats, etc.; however, most start at about $30.00. All licenses expire September 30th of each year. Licenses can be renewed on or after August 1st. New licenses are issued at any time during the year and are pro-rated on April 1st. Any business conducted in a name other than your own legal name (first and last) must be registered with the Secretary of State prior to obtaining an occupational license. If you are conducting business in your corporation name or under a trademark or limited partnership, you are exempt from registering. Forms may be obtained by mail from the Secretary of State at (904) 488-9000. If you need to verify that a business has an occupational license you can call the Occupational License office at 561-355-2272 or visit any of our branch office locations. You may also use the public access terminal in our main office.

Applying for your license:

Here is an article detailing the practical side of the licensure application process, with revealing insights of simple things that you can do to avoid delays in obtaining your license:

Applying for a Florida Medical License: Understanding the Process and Ways to Make It Quick and Successful

Step-By-Step – Physician Licensing (in Florida) The Florida Department of Health is responsible for physician licensing in the state of Florida. These are step-by-step instructions.

Things to Remember:

You must be fingerprinted. There is a special fingerprint card that you may request online, BUT this card must be mailed to you (fax or e-mail is not possible since it is a special card that has to be processed by FDLE and the FBI). Processing of this card can take up to 4 to 6 weeks.

You must complete three specific CME requirements – a 3-hour course on HIV/AIDS, a 1-hour course on Domestic Violence and a 2-hour course on Prevention/Reducing Medical Errors. The Board will give you a six-month extension to complete these courses if necessary. The FMA offers these courses online. The FMA Education Department is available at or call toll-free 800.762.0233

You must request verification of your degree from your medical school and verification from all states where you hold or have held a medical license. There are special forms in the application on the Department of Health Web site.

You must request profiles from the AMA and National Practitioner Database. Instructions are included in the application you download from the Department of Health Web site If you have any affirmative answers in your application relating to malpractice, criminal convictions, licensure actions, etc. you may be required to make a personal appearance before the Board.

The application and ALL supporting materials must be in your application file 30 days before the Board of Medicine meeting in order to be considered for a Florida license. The Board meets every other month. You cannot practice in Florida until the Board issues you a full and active Florida License.

Need more information? Contact these agencies:
Palm Beach County Health Department (561) 840-4500
Florida Department of Health (850) 245-4147
Florida Medical Association  (850) 224-6496
American Medical Association  (800) 621-8335

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