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Nominate Your Hero for the PBCMSS 2017 Heroes in Medicine Awards

Deadline for Submissions is 2.10.17 

Palm Beach County Medical Society Services is seeking nominations of individuals, organizations and businesses throughout Palm Beach County that have used their skills and resources to improve the quality of health care for the people of Palm Beach County as well national and international communities.  From the nominations submitted the Medical Society will select inspirational heroes in health care and honor them on Friday, April 21, 2017 at the 14th Annual Heroes in Medicine Awards luncheon held at the Kravis Center’s Cohen Pavilion.  Greg Quattlebaum and Jibby Ciric are serving as the event’s co-chairs.


Greg Quattlebaum and Jibby Ciric photo by Tracey Benson.

Award categories include:

Bruce Rendina Professional HeroEs have demonstrated the desire and willingness to use his or her knowledge and abilities to improve the health of the local, national and/or global communities. Nominees are not proving direct patient care but may include advocates, administrators and others.

Community Outreach Heroes are individuals, companies, institutions, organizations or agencies that have devoted time, skills and/or other resources which have contributed to the betterment of health care.

Health Care Educator HeroES are physicians and/or educators who have made outstanding contributions to health care education in Palm Beach County.

Health Care Innovation Heroes are individuals, organizations or companies who has been primarily responsible for development and implementation of scientific advances that will save lives or substantially improve the quality of life for people.

Health Care Provider Heroes (Non-Physician) are individuals or groups of individuals who personify the ideals of their professions and have demonstrated activities that have gone “above and beyond”.

Physician Heroes (Local/National/International) are MDs or DOs who embody the skills, compassion and dedication to the ideals and beliefs of the profession and have contributed in significant ways to the betterment of health care.

Health care prevention/wellness SERVICE heroes are individuals, organizations or companies that have created and/or implemented prevention/wellness services and or programs supporting, training and/or educating people on how to improve their daily choices, prevent illnesses, access local resources and improve the overall quality of life.

Student HeroES are high school, college or medical students or groups of students who have made outstanding commitments to health care and as a result have made or are making a significant difference.

PROJECT ACCESS HEROes are MDs, DOs, hospitals, medical groups or facilities who donate their time and services through Project Access of PBCMSS to the community and embody the skills, compassion and dedication to the ideals of the health care profession and have contributed in significant ways to the betterment of health care locally.

 To be considered for an award, nominations must be received at the Palm Beach County Medical Society by Friday, February 10, 2017 at noon.

Fillable nomination form

For more information or to receive a nomination form via email please call Brenna Iyampillai or Jim Sugarman at 561-433-3940 or request one by emailing  heroes@pbcms.org.

2016 Hero of the Year Alina Alonso, MD

Alina Alonso, MD

Our 2016 Heroes in Medicine

Bruce Rendina Professional: Don Chester; Jaime Estremera-Fitzgerald; Mitch Feldman; Robbin Lee

Community Outreach Hero: Arthritis Foundation; Margaret C. Donnelley; Roy Foster; Healthy Mothers, Healthy Babies Coalition of Palm Beach County, Inc.; Gary Peters, Boca Helping Hands

Health Care Educator: Gauri G. Agarwal, MD; Mark Brody, MD; Marta Galvez; Bernardo Obeso, MD

Health Care Innovation: Florida Institute for Health Innovation; Nicklaus Children’s Health Care Foundation; Christian Moseley

Health Care Prevention/Wellness: Rita Thrasher, Boca Raton’s Promise; Liliana Herrera; Palm Beach County Parks and Recreation Department; Robert Parkes, MD; Julie Swindler, Families First of Palm Beach County; Denise Bober and Pat Ciavola, The Breakers

Health Care Provider Non-Physician: Ferial André; Becky Dymond; Valerie Fiordilino, PA; Jane Miller

Physician: Alina Alonso, MD; William Kaye, MD; Gerald Robinson, MD; Tommy Schechtman, MD; John Strasswimmer, MD

Project Access: Charles E. Flack, MD; David Weinstein, MD; Florida Cardiology Group- Steven Borzak, MD, Hedy Etzael Zaghi, MD, Rizwan Karatels, MD, B. Benjamin Saketkhou, MD

Student: Wilgens Mistiliens; Andrew Quinlan; Andrea Wilson

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