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Roger Duncan, MD  
2017 PBCMS Services
Hero of the Year!

Special Friend

In Memory of and Tribute to Rhona Pillersdorf

Leadership Award

FAU Charles E. Schmidt College of Medicine

Advocacy Hero

State Attorney Dave Aronberg, Esq.

Project Access

21st Century Oncology – Kishore K. Dass, MD
Ben H. Han, MD and  Eugene C. Shieh, MD

Bethesda Health – Hospital Hero

Ramin M. Abdolvahabi, MD – Palm Beach Neurosurgery 

Physician Heroes

Patricio S. Espinosa, MD   Claudia Mason, MD
Suresh Rajpara, MD   Ronald Romear, MD   Steven Rosenberg, MD 

Bruce Rendina Professional Heroes

Mary Jo “Joey” Bulfin RN, MBA      Linda De Piano, PhD
Rik Pavlescak, PhD      Tina Phillips

Community Outreach Heroes

Boca Hoops High 5 League
Debby Walters and the Diabetes Coalition
The Breakers Hotel Community Outreach 

Community Outreach Heroes

Elizabeth Cayson (PhD Candidate)  Judy Dunn, RN
Emanuel “Dupree” Jackson   Marge Sullivan  Esther Swann

Health Care Innovator Heroes

Satish Chandran, PhD-Somahlution
John Couris-Jupiter Medical Center 

Health Care Educator Heroes

Sarah Bland, MD   Roger Duncan, MD   Karen Gilbert, RN, MS
Richard Levene, DO   Meg Reller 

Health Care Provider Heroes

Barbara Abernathy, PhD    James Abramowitz, DDS
Pascal Gedeon, PA    Captain Houston Park
Jane Robinson, LMHC, RPT-S 

Health Care Prevention/Wellness Heroes

Keith Hurbs-Palm Glades Rural Health Associates
Lauren Zuchman LCSW and Healthier Delray Beach

High School Student Heroes

Charlize Estela      Tyler Gray
Michael Hamper       Daniela Mejia Lagos

Medical Student Heroes

Nadine Najjar      Dan O’Shea      Miranda Rosenberg

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For more information email please call Jim Sugarman at 561-433-3940 or by emailing  heroes@pbcms.org.

2016 Hero of the Year Alina Alonso, MD

Alina Alonso, MD

Our 2016 Heroes in Medicine

Bruce Rendina Professional: Don Chester; Jaime Estremera-Fitzgerald; Mitch Feldman; Robbin Lee

Community Outreach Hero: Arthritis Foundation; Margaret C. Donnelley; Roy Foster; Healthy Mothers, Healthy Babies Coalition of Palm Beach County, Inc.; Gary Peters, Boca Helping Hands

Health Care Educator: Gauri G. Agarwal, MD; Mark Brody, MD; Marta Galvez; Bernardo Obeso, MD

Health Care Innovation: Florida Institute for Health Innovation; Nicklaus Children’s Health Care Foundation; Christian Moseley

Health Care Prevention/Wellness: Rita Thrasher, Boca Raton’s Promise; Liliana Herrera; Palm Beach County Parks and Recreation Department; Robert Parkes, MD; Julie Swindler, Families First of Palm Beach County; Denise Bober and Pat Ciavola, The Breakers

Health Care Provider Non-Physician: Ferial André; Becky Dymond; Valerie Fiordilino, PA; Jane Miller

Physician: Alina Alonso, MD; William Kaye, MD; Gerald Robinson, MD; Tommy Schechtman, MD; John Strasswimmer, MD

Project Access: Charles E. Flack, MD; David Weinstein, MD; Florida Cardiology Group- Steven Borzak, MD, Hedy Etzael Zaghi, MD, Rizwan Karatels, MD, B. Benjamin Saketkhou, MD

Student: Wilgens Mistiliens; Andrew Quinlan; Andrea Wilson

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